Investor Relations

There’s strength in our numbers.

Over the past hundred years, Cision has helped more than 20,000 customers worldwide get their stories out. From freelancers to the Fortune 500, the world’s best communicators all turn to Cision to make sure their message succeeds. And we provide them with the PR and media software, services and tools to help navigate the changing media landscape and cover every angle – from beginning to end, all around the globe.

Interim Reports

Please find our interim reports here. Please note that on March 19, 2013, Cision issued a press release regarding certain amendments of income statement and balance sheet data for Q3-Q4 2011 and Q1-Q2 2012. Read more

Annual reports

Please find Cision's Annual Reports here. The PDF versions have been audited by the company's public accountants. Please note that on September 19, 2013, Cision issued a press release regarding adjustments to retained earnings for 2011 and 2012. Read more


Charlotte Hansson